MexAmerica Corn Tortillas

MexAmerica corn tortillas

MexAmerica Corn “Table” Tortillas are made fresh using stone ground corn from the Midwest and shipped daily to your local grocers and food service companies. Soft and tasty, our traditional corn tortillas are great for rustic Mexican cuisine. Or try them with our new “fusion” recipes that bring the best of the old world together with exciting new ideas and flavors. For example our exciting Vegetarian Bonanza Enchiladas. And because they are made by MexAmerica, our corn tortillas are fantastic; give `em a try.

Our corn tortillas are made with:

  • White Corn
  • Yellow Corn

MexAmerica’s corn tortillas have no trans fat and are gluten free. Available in the traditional 6″ size. They’re great. Be sure to ask for them by name at your local grocer.

Brand new one-of-a-kind Flavored Corn Tortillas

MexAmerica is proud to release our new patent-pending flavored corn tortillas.  Available in Chipotle, Jalepeno, Mediterranean, Rosted Red Pepper, and Salsa flavors, these 7″ tortillas add a new twist to any recipe.  And just like the original corn tortillas, these are still gluten and trans fat free.

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