MexAmerica Salsa

MexAmerica is proud to introduce our new line of salsas beginning with the influence from our ancestors, an Italian line of garlic based sauces for dipping, grilling and cooking. These are bold tasty and fresh products, not typical salsas generally found on shelves today. Our line of salsas feature formulas from various ethnicities, beginning with Italian and Hispanic. Like our tortillas, each formula has been passed from generation to generation and made fresh in a more traditional way. As with all MexAmerica products, we use only the finest ingredients to produce the tastiest and highest-quality salsas.

Our first salsa was introduced to us three generations ago, when In 1916 Maria Mairorana came alone from Sicily to the US at the age of 16. Through family arrangements, she married Santo Coppola and had 3 girls. Her life was devoted to raising her children and cooking amazing meals. She used this sauce in many of the dishes she created. The combination is so unique and simple that it can be used when you’re cooking any type of meat, chicken, fish or atop many dishes. An experience your taste buds won’t soon forget. You will want to use in almost every recipe … just like Maria.

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