MexAmerica Chips

MexAmerica corn chips are regularly described as “Unbelievably Good.” We agree, and are certain that if you try our chips you will be hooked. All of our corn chips are made using fresh stone ground corn flour from corn grown in Indiana. We blend this corn flour specifically to achieve the “Unbelievably Good” flavor MexAmerica chips are known for. Although our chips are available in retail packaging, the majority of our chips are sold through food service distributors to restaurants, taverns, universities and other institutions.

Ready-to-Fry (RTF) Chips

For restaurants and other food service operators, MexAmerica makes RTF chips that are par-baked, shipped bulk and are ready to be fried on location, then seasoned and served warm to the consumer. These RTF chips are growing in popularity and are now served at many Mexican restaurants from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia to New York City.

MexAmerica corn chips contain no trans-fats, are lower in fat (less grease) than most of the national brand corn chips found in grocery stores. Our chips are All Natural, and gluten free.

Our chips are made from either: White Corn, Yellow Corn, or Organic Blue Corn. Chips are available in many sizes and shapes: Triangles, Rounds, Strips, etc.

MexAmerica chips are available in packaging from 2 oz. up to 1.2 lbs.

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