MexAmerica Corn Tortillas


We are a National Award Winning and Kosher Certified Tortilla Company. Our unique family recipes and traditions have been passed down through generations. From MexAmerica’s “secret formula” using the finest ingredients and process, to our dedicated team committed to delivering superior quality, we take pride in everything we do.

Four Tortilla Package SizesFLOUR TORTILLAS

Our tortillas are made fresh, never frozen, shipped daily to grocers, and are kosher certified. We start with the finest ingredients and MexAmerica’s secret formula. The mixture is kneaded and rolled into small dough balls and then pressed flat producing a “perfectly imperfect,” soft, and naturally-shaped tortilla. They are baked carefully until done, revealing their distinctive “toast points”. We believe this time honored method produces tortillas that are superior to the circular “punched” tortillas produced by many larger companies. Try our delicious flour tortillas, we know you will love them.



Made from quality stone ground corn, our corn tortillas are zero trans-fat and gluten free. Like our flour tortillas, they are made fresh never frozen and shipped daily. They are especially great for traditional Mexican dishes such as tacos or quesadillas. Or, if you are looking for a simple but tasty idea, try MexAmerica corn tortillas with a slice of ham and your favorite cheese. Microwave for about 15 seconds, they’re great. Corn tortillas are available in the traditional 6″ size. Ask for them at your local grocer.


MexAmerica’s wraps are all about fresh flavor and variety. We begin with the same high-quality ingredients and process as our award-winning tortillas and infuse them with natural purees (not powders), herbs, and spices. Whether you are making your favorite deli roll-up with our garden spinach & pesto, preparing a gourmet dinner with sun-dried tomato & basil, or snacking at midnight on a soft, delicious garlic & herb wrap right out of the package, MexAmerica’s wraps offer you a fresh variety of tasty choices.


We offer an assortment of delicious chips for our food service distributors, restaurants, taverns, schools, universities, and other institutional buyers. Like our tortillas, our chip recipes have been passed down through generations and we always use the highest-quality ingredients. In addition to quality and taste, our chips are lower in fat than the leading store-bought brands.


Dip your chips or bread in it while you grill your favorite meat, chicken or fish. MexAmerica is proud to introduce our new line of salsas. These are bold tasty and fresh products, not the typical salsa generally found on shelves today. Our line of salsas features formulas from various ethnicities, beginning with Italian and Hispanic. Like our tortillas, each formula has been passed down from generation to generation and made fresh in a more traditional way. As with all MexAmerica products, we use only the finest ingredients to produce the tastiest and highest-quality salsas.


Many years ago, MexAmerica developed Taco Blend spices for our food service customers. This tasty spice mixture is available in pre-measured packages to be blended with meat used for taco and fajita dishes. We’ve been told by many restaurant owners, cooks, and chefs who use our spice mixtures how authentic and “real” it makes the food they serve.