Our History

Gerry and Sue Riddle founded MexAmerica in 1987 after moving home to Pennsylvania to raise their family. While living out West they gained a love and appreciation for Authentic Southwest Mexican food. Longing for this authenticity in the East, they decided to make their own version of Southwest Mexican Tortillas, thus MexAmerica was founded.

Since the beginning MexAmerica has dedicated itself to manufacture the best tasting and highest quality artisan tortillas, wraps and corn chips. This obsession to produce products of great quality and taste has been recognized by expert panels and consumers alike. MexAmerica enjoys great consumer acceptance and long term customer relationships in its core Northeast US markets.

Today the MexAmerica traditions continue under new ownership. The new owners believe in what has made MexAmerica products great and fundamentally believe by investing in the people and infrastructure, the great reputation of MexAmerica will be preserved as the Company grows its business into existing and new geographic markets.

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